Reflection time


ImageI did content creation for my MUV assignment 3. I built a relaxing japanese themed garden. Image I have a signpost welcoming avatars to my garden. It is touchable, and when touched, gives the avatar a note-card and an external link to this blog. The signpost also uses a sensor script to prompt first time visitors to touch the signpost.ImageMy build uses sliding doors (pivoting doors was too complicated!) to allow avatars into the hot tub area and the windowless relaxation room. I used quite a few textures and all the water prims and some of the plant prims are phantom to create a more realistic experience.

Image The hot tub uses a colour changing script on the water. It also uses a particle effect to simulate steam rising from the hot tub. The hot tub seats 4 and has a specific ‘hottub’ annimation. There are quite a few different animations used in my garden. They are all either yoga or relaxation related.ImageI didn’t have many issues with my content creation besides silly scripting errors or going over the 300 Prim limit (Isa suggested that I did not need to use all the space given to me just because it was there, so I cut the build size down and minimised my land impact)ImageThe MUV content creation was in the same semester as my PRJ research paper. I felt that I had to prioritize PRJ because the course takes 450 hours, and when I am in second life I tend to lose all concept of time.ImageOverall I really enjoyed the process and when I have spare time in the future might invest in a building area of my own to play around in. The class was fun and informative and I even enjoyed the scripting part (though I will deny this IRL)Image


Script not running


I had an issue where a pose script would not work at all. Instead of doing a crane pose like the script said it should, It made avatar’s do the standard sit. I combed my script and could find no reason why.  Image

In the end I talked to Clare, she pointed out that the script running check-box was not ticked >.>



I made a mug


It has a smoke script from particle lab which i edited (smaller smoke, changed the particles from grey to white) to make it look like it contained a hot steamy beverage. I also added a menu script into it so when an avatar clicks it they can then chose the drink. Depending on your choice, the mug will then whisper the avatar it’s opinion on what you chose.ImageImageImage